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Relationship and dating.

1. The most important rule: be natural

This applies to the appearance, behavior, and communication itself. Putting on masks, pretending, bright external attributes that contradict your inner sense of yourself, of course, can bring dividends, but not for long. If you can't impress another person with yourself, then he can covet your "toys" or extravagance, but you still won't be able to pretend for a long time. We do not take into account instant goals (for men-to sleep with the object of lust, for women — to promote a man for money): manipulation techniques are not included in the rules of a good date.

2. Pay attention to your appearance

For men: naturalness should not be taken so literally. For example, if you are a diver, it is better to leave your scuba gear at home, and if you are a chimney sweep, you should wash before a date. Women are sensitive to the neatness of men. And even in simple clothes, individual style and good taste can be seen, do not forget about it. For women: it is not clear how to dress, to show indifference to one's own beauty is a path to failure. The task of a woman on the first date is to please and intrigue, and on the subsequent ones-not to lose the brand and not to lower the bar. Men really do not like women who do not take care of themselves. To be natural is also to correspond to the nature of your gender.

3. Make an impression

And don't forget to produce it every time. Given the two previous paragraphs, this recommendation seems to be the most difficult to implement. For men: choose interesting places or reasons for a date, do not make dates in the same place 10 times in a row. If you go to the cinema today, then next time you can go to the cinema in 3-4 dates. Give a woman something, but do not overdo it: if you find out that she likes, for example, yellow roses, then the fifth bouquet of yellow roses in four will definitely be too much. For women: it is not worth exposing 90 percent of your own body, even in the infernal heat. Perfume with a mosquito-repelling smell, lipstick dripping from the lips, diamonds on the neck from a previous lover — all this is terrible. But a bright accessory that only emphasizes your uniqueness is quite suitable — whether it's glasses, watches, a hair clip in your hair or a funny handbag.

4. Be moderately frank

Your date partner is not a vest for tears, not a psychologist and not a persistent tin soldier. Therefore, it is bad form to dump all the problems on him, to excite him with colorful stories about old love affairs or to demand immediate sympathy. Trust between people is a delicate matter, it develops by itself, and you need to trust all your secrets to another gradually. Preferably-for many years, consisting of dating, relationships and marriage.

5. Forget about mobile phones

The date has started, and he (or she) does not look up from his phone. Or he answers constant calls — his mother calls, the children call, they call from work... Here's a good tip for you: turn off your phones for the duration of the meeting, give the person all your time and attention. If this date is, of course, important to you, and you respect not only yourself, but also the person you invited (or who invited you).

6. Define personal boundaries

It's a big mistake to do this goodbye. For example, a woman demands that a man does not count on anything "after" in any case. Or a man makes a condition that "after the meeting, we go to me." No one knows how everything will turn out for you even on the thirty-fifth date. And if it is the first and the last-suddenly you will definitely not like each other? And suddenly love from the first (tenth) glance (touch)? It is better to set personal boundaries during the process itself, focusing on your own feelings and intuition. If a woman is not ready to continue, she can gently say about it. If a man is not ready, and this also happens, he can simply escort a woman to her house, and then go to his own place.

7. Solve financial issues

The person who invites you pays, and usually it's a man. You should not make expensive gifts if your relationship is just beginning. Calling a woman once again to "sit on a bench" and not give her a single flower is also quite strange. As well as the woman herself-to throw a chic dinner in a restaurant for a man, and then wave a credit card and take him to the hotel in her Lexus. If you have unequal financial opportunities, this does not prevent a man from doing something pleasant for a woman, and for her to accept this pleasant. If a man is a king, and calls a shepherdess on a date, then it is better to forget about the crown-otherwise the woman will feel awkward. Unless, of course, she is a professional "breeder".

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